Sunday, August 12, 2007

Adm. Bilgeman


You made it through a year.

Frankly, that's more than I expected of you. It hasn't been fun or easy, has it?

What little you ever managed to accomplish you threw away by a few intemperate remarks and an unrelenting arrogant pride.

The next year isn't going to get any better, or the year after that.

You're still a comparatively young woman, and you can expect at least 3 more decades of the day-to-day drudgery, poverty and loneliness that is the path you have chosen.

Facing such a bleak future, it is a wonder that you bother getting up from wherever it is that you lay down to sleep...logic would dictate that you should end yourself and avoid the further pain that is in store for you.

But here you are still...and yet you would deny that you have Faith.

I was both amused and disgusted by your vulgar performance at the University of Oregon. There was a shot of your face that clearly captured that you weren't REALLY enjoying what you were looked like a trapped animal, honestly.

I found it significant that it was the sound of Scripture being quoted that caused you to debase yourself in so obscene a manner as to cause your expulsion from polite society.

The demons that possess you very clearly responded to Divine wisdom by publicly demonstrating their power over you, did they not?

We no longer need your example, Frisch. The world has moved on beyond the near-insignificance of your public flameout...there are new villains to identify and excoriate.

If you are remembered at all, it will be with disgust and amusement...and you will no longer be of use to that which has infected you.

When it's done, and has discarded you,(as it might), I have told you where you may begin the road back. It is there that you may receive guidance in the matters of apologies and forgiveness and such.

You may go and continue rubbing yourself on posts, poles and fences in the meantime.

No punishment or insult I could impose or inflict would hurt more than leading the pathetic existence that you have fashioned.


nonk9 said...

how does it help the three year old child in Denver that his parents (Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Todd Goldstein), the upper echeloons of the right wing media (Twit Hume, Michelle Mouthful) their lawyers (Paul Lewis, Jeralynn Merritt) and you all have guaranteed that he will be the kid associated with JonBenet, Ward Churchill and other unsavory characters forever?

how did it help him to sull* his google-name before he could even click a mouse?

i just don't see how his folks did him any good by bringing fox news and the denver, el paso and lane county legal systems into it.

and i don't see you you kreepy kristian perverts have done the kid any favor either.

maybe your spiritual leader,john mckay of the "at least someone's" cumming kristian church in atlanta, georgia could 'splain it!

Bilgeman said...


Hmmm, you must be so very lonely.

" does it help the three year old child in Denver..."

That child was, and is, YOUR victim, no one else's. YOu saw fit to mention the little one in the obscene manner that you did.

Your words did not bring you fame and fortune, as you might have been led to believe, did it?

A year gone by, and you are unemployable, nearly destitute, and are reduced to corresponding with me, whom you once claimed to mortally fear...

"and i don't see you you kreepy kristian perverts have done the kid any favor either."

Some Christians are creepy, and some are perverts, but you cannot deny their Works.

I would remind you that Brother Jed,(or whatever his name was), for all his lamentable taste in haberdashery, indeed DID call forth a demon and indeed DID have it expelled from the U of O campus.

There are pictures...

Or did you think that that was nothing more than happenstance?

He "just happened" to be there, preaching Scripture.
And you "just happened" to hear him, and you "just happened" to decide to perform your public self-abasement in response.
And Security "just happened" to be in the area.
And someone "just happened" to take photos of the entire affair who "just happened" to know who you were by sight, and they "just happened" to be able to broadcast it on the internet.


You were cast out, and the intense gentleman with the Bible in the light blue suit remained.
And the bystanders approved.

Of course, if your mind is closed to the possibility, then the Works can occur in front of your face, and yet you'll deny it to your dying day.

Was that yet another example of your "fun-nee"?

It worked out about as well as the comments to Goldstein, huh?

You're being lied to, Frisch.

That's what it IS...that's what it DOES.
That's ALL it CAN do.

If you're too smart and too well-educated and too sophisticated to believe in that fairy-tale stuff, then it OWNS you.

You should really read
"The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis, you might get a glimmer of how you were ensnared.

Or it's message may send you off into the forest to rub yourself against a tree stump like an animal again.

"maybe your spiritual leader,john mckay of the "at least someone's" cumming kristian church in atlanta, georgia could 'splain it!"

More of it's sad and ugly lies that you have chosen to believe.

My spiritual leader was a Jewish man who was nailed to a cross and died about 2000 years ago.

As His life bled out of Him in the hot Jerusalem sun, He offered forgiveness to those who honestly claim their shame and ask for mercy.

He asked forgiveness even for those who framed Him and judicially murdered Him.

He offers forgiveness to you, and even to me. but you can't cling to your Pride and reach out for Salvation at the same time, see?

You either let your Pride go, or it drags you deeper into the cold crushing depths, where there is no air or light.

THAT is my spiritual leader, not the poor and imperfect men and women,(many of them nearly as flawed as I am), who but preach the Good News.

That by His sacrifice, the lies that would enslave us in cages of our own making were at once undone.

We can be free of them.

You can too...if you wish.

You have something better planned for the rest of your life?