Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Welcome to DebApologies.

This site has been set up to allow Dr. Deborah Frisch the opportunity to apologize to the many people she has wronged on the internet.

My name is "Sinner" and I run Teh Squeaky Wheel along with a host of very smart, funny and talented "gerbils". We are a group that came into being from the Don't Hire Deb site that was established to insure that Dr. Frisch not be allowed near youth again given her behavior.

We have always said that if Dr. Deborah Frisch would do a few simple things, including making public and unconditional apologies, that we would stop monitoring her actions. Here is the list again:

1. Settle with Mr. Goldstein
2. Delete all your blogs
3. Make a simple apology to everyone that asks for it
4. Return your DSL modem to QWest
5. Never post anything on the internet again

If you think you deserve an apology from Dr. Deborah Frisch, please email me your request, I will evaluate it and put up a post here. Your request must be emailed and in a "cut and paste" format and I must be able to verify your claim before I post.

Only one rule on this blog: The only person allowed to comment is Dr. Deborah Frisch (aka nonk9). Any comment not from "nonk9" will be deleted, no exceptions.

All others, please go on over to Teh Squeaky Wheel, register and post comments in the current thread. Jump in, the discussions are usually free-form and you will be welcomed with open arms.

I will start out with my request.

Dr. Frisch,

You have libeled me and my family for over a year now. Written pedophile fantasies (see comments to that post) about my daughter, tried to embarrass my wife by using her medical condition and wrote horrible things about my readers.

In addition, you have projected your stalking and threatening behavior on me by claiming that I exist only to "to harass me, inflict emotional distress on me and incite physical violence against me". While making that claim, you have constantly been reminding the world that "Sinner has a four year old daughter. His wife has seizures. He lives in the midwest". I have asked before and I will ask again, "What possible benign reason would you have to post this information?"

So for all of this and more, I ask for your sincere apology.

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